The Wall

The Wall (2018)

Based on a poem written by Jonny, The Wall reflects on the notion of influence and the way in which the actions of one person can be the catalyst for another person improving themselves in the former’s image. Not content to show this literally, we collaborated with actress and performer Jessica Watts to build a surreal reflection of these themes, the entire progress of the piece reflected through two detached arms interacting with a table of food. The results are as strange as they are beautiful... 

For the filming process, we utilised a range of cameras and lenses, including a VHS tape camcorder and a 300mm telephoto lens, bringing together a range of distinct filmic looks. The inclusion of analogue tape in particular was incorporated to add a tactile sense of reality to the look of the piece. The choice of location too – a large, barren warehouse – gives an ever-present sense of size and scale which, like the content of the poem, suggests a wider, universal breadth despite its concentrated focus. 

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