Midland – Your True Friend

We were commissioned to make two adverts for the international walkie-talkie company Midland, and the level of freedom the company allowed us from the get-go was invaluable. What we built was a quirky comedic duo of adverts centring around two friends getting up to hijinks, with the more gullible of the two the target of mocking banter by the other, all while highlighting the benefits of Midland's walkie talkie range. 

The collaboration with the cast on this piece was fantastic – both actors brought their own edge to the character they played, further helping to raise the final piece beyond just a simple display of the product. Bringing in classic elements of horror and slapstick comedy was also a blast, and the effort by the entire crew to make our vision a reality was genuinely fantastic, without which the professional look of the adverts simply would not have been possible. 

The response from Midland was immensely positive, with the adverts distributed internationally and translated into French, Italian and Russian. The option is open for us to make further adverts for the company in the future, so keep a look-out! 

Midland – Your True Friend


  • Year: 2018
  • Run time: 1:11; 1:06
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

Key assets

  • Written by Jonny Pert and Ilya Melnikov  
  • Director - Jonny Pert 
  • Producer/1st Assistant Director – Rachael Head 
  • Starring Jamie Tanner as “Max”
  • and Will Fitzgerald as “Sam” 
  • Co-Director – Ilya Melnikov 
  • DOP/Chief Camera Op - Jack Gould 
  • 1st AC/Gimbal Operator – Rob Bell 
  • Makeup Artist – Ariane Young 
  • Editor - Ilya Melnikov 
  • Sound DesignYuriy Garnaev