A Minute of Madness

In its most simple description, A Minute of Madness has what you could call the “Ronseal appeal”: it does what it says on the tin. In ten short films, each around a minute long, ten actors explore their own unique representation of madness, seeking to unlock what the term personally means to them. The imagery is stark, harsh and often as poignant as it is surreal, each image evoking a wide range of connotations.  

This series was an entirely collaborative project, with no single writer, and the process truly was experimental in approach as well as style. The imagery was built from the minds of each performer, then refined and reordered by the group for maximum impact, before finally being honed and brought to life by Frinin & Bok. The pieces often point toward the deeper madnesses within us and our society; the hatred of others, the shaming of imperfection, the bottling of emotions, the repulsion towards all things deemed strange. There are many standout moments, but we feel that the series is best enjoyed as a whole. Working with these incredible performers was an amazing experience, and we hope you appreciate the final product as much as we enjoyed making it.

A Minute of Madness


  • Year: 2017
  • Run time: 19:25
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

Key assets

Directed by Jonny Pert
Edited by Ilya Melnikov
Produced by Rachael Head
Original Concept by Jonny Pert and Ilya Melnikov

Performances by
Emma Bates
Jonny Pert
Guy Killner
Olivia Stone
Kieron Tuft
Rosalind Chaston
Sonny Mihaijlovic
Ben Schofield
Russell Anderson
Bethaney Day

Production Manager - Tom Pratt
1st Assistant Director - Rachael Head
Gaffer - Sam Ashby
Chief Camera Operator - Tom Pratt
Lighting Gaffer – Sam Ashby
Lighting Technician – Tom Pratt
Key Grip – Sam Ashby
Sound Designer - Ilya Melnikov
Makeup - Rachael Head
Set Designer - Ben Schofield
Runner - Sam Ashby
Catering Gabrielle - Watson
Original Music by Ilya Melnikov

A Minute of Madness was a collaborative effort with no single writer. Core concepts were created by each performer themselves, before being developed and refined by the director, producer and editor.

Special thanks to Oxford Brookes University, Haymans Fisheries, the residents of Hostel Prichard, Bill and Lynda Pert, and everyone who helped to make this film a reality.