Our Films

Frinin & Bok was built from a long-time collaboration between our two company founders, Jonny Pert and Ilya Melnikov

They have known each other since their teenage years, and over that time have formed a unique filmic language which is implemented and constantly built upon in all of Frinin & Bok’s films. 

Artistic conventions and rules are pushed and tested, practical limitations are purposefully implemented to encourage more creative approaches and low-fi and analogue aesthetics are employed to add character to each piece. 

At F&B, we treat every film project as a collaboration – with the crew, the cast, the client and the audience. We encourage every voice to be heard and every person to have a say, thereby ensuring that each film has its own individual tone and that each finished piece feels special to all those involved.

Crew Responses

"I have worked as DOP/Camera Op for this company three times now and have consistently enjoyed the creative process. An affable yet very experimental crew!"

"Great to work with. Designing the set for S-Word, I was given enough information to know what they wanted, but allowed a good level of free rein. My input was considered and valued, and I felt the outcome worked perfectly for these reasons."

"I have worked as a makeup artist alongside these guys. Very professional and friendly! Was such fun working with them all!"

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