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Jonny Pert

Jonny Pert is a director and writer for Frinin & Bok, with a First in English Literature and Drama (BA) from Oxford Brookes University. He has an extensive background as a theatre actor and practitioner. This experience has strongly influenced F&B’s approach to working with actors; he aims to foster an open, collaborative approach that gives performers creative control over their characters and a say in the filming process. As a writer, Jonny has penned the majority of scripts and shot lists for F&B, with a style built from a wide knowledge of literature and a tendency towards the strange, the dark and the downright weird. Jonny also fulfills the “face of the business” role at F&B, being the first point of contact for clients, crew and the general public.

Ilya Melnikov

Ilya Melnikov is a co-writer, editor and composer for Frinin & Bok, who has completed a bachelor and masters degree in Film and Screen Studies at the University of Brighton and UCL respectively. Ilya’s approach is typified by relentless experimentation and a synthesis of various digital and analogue audio-visual mediums. Coming from an academic background, Ilya has insider knowledge of media criticism and analysis, something which has consistently contributed a firm intellectual underpinning to F&B’s work. Ilya has a vast range of previous filmmaking experience, working on and off set in roles including camera operating, sound recording, composing for film, editing, colour correction and sound mixing. His extensive knowledge and proficiency make him incredibly valuable in all stages of F&B’s productions.

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